An Idea with Proven Impact
Since 2001, and over seven graduating classes, Pathways to Education has been recognized for its track record of producing outstanding results.

  • Average youth participation rates of more than 80%
  • High school graduation rates among participants in the program have more than doubled
  • High school dropout rates have declined by more than 70%
  • The rate of students going on to college or university has increased by up to 300% 
  • The program generates a $24 social return for every $1 invested (Boston Consulting Group)

What the Experts are Saying
McKinsey & Company’s report on student retention and success in Quebec identifies Pathways as one of four programs most likely to reduce poverty and dropout rates in the Province of Quebec. 

Monitor Group partner and author of the book “Forces for Good” Heather McLeod Grant, says “never before have we seen such impressive results”. 

United Nations independent expert on minority issues, Gay McDougall, highlights Pathways as one of the most outstanding educational models seen during her 2009 visit to Canada. 

The Boston Consulting Group concludes that Pathways to Education generates tremendous social economic value with a $24 return to society for $1 invested in the program. (Read more about the Boston Consulting Group’s Assessment of the Pathways to Education program)

Program Results

Pathways program results continue to far exceed early hopes to reduce the dropout rate of youth in low-income communities to a level that was similar to the city average; over seven cohorts, the drop out rate for youth in Pathways’ Regent Park program has declined by over 70 per cent.

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The Return on Investment

With a focus on identifiable and quantifiable benefits, primarily higher taxed paid and reduced government transfer payments, conclusions about the program’s direct impact on society are impressive.

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Success Stories

Today, more than 2,000 students have completed the Pathways program and are already making their own mark in the world pursuing a wide range of education and career opportunities.

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Awards & Recognition
Pathways to Education is the proud recipient of support and recognition from the following individuals and organizations.

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Real Stories


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