Organize a birthday party in support of Pathways

A new and exciting way to support Pathways!

Pathways is listed on ECHOage, an online platform to help organize kids’ birthday parties while teaching them a valuable lesson and giving to your favourite charity - Pathways to Education.

ECHOage, enables guests to make a gift online from which 50 per cent of the money gifted goes to charity and the other half is accumulated to buy the child a gift of their choice. This helps eliminate the clutter of so many tiny gifts that your child may never use and helps teach kids a great lesson on giving back to the community.

Please consider an ECHOage party when planning your child’s next birthday, and share with your networks. This is a great opportunity to gain support from your community, and at the same time spread the word about Pathways.

Organize a birthday party in support of Pathways to Education now!