Building Blocks for Volunteer Developer Engagement

Help us establish building blocks for an open source community to engage volunteer developers on social impact projects!


About the Organization

Pathways to Education is a national charitable organization breaking the cycle of poverty through education. Its award-winning program is creating positive social change by supporting youth living in low-income communities to overcome barriers to education, graduate from high school, and build the foundation for a successful future. Through the collective power of partnerships, Pathways to Education’s innovative program is preparing youth for tomorrow.



“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” –William Gibson. Pathways currently serves over 6,000 students annually, but we know there are many more who need support—there are currently 300,000 young people living in low-income communities across Canada. To address this gap, we plan to leverage innovative technology to scale our impact and grow exponentially by 2025—allowing us to reach more students across the country, regardless of geographical location. We know that technology will be a critical enabler in achieving this growth and ensuring that the supports we provide continue to be accessible for the students that need them most. One of the biggest challenges we face as a non-profit sector is attracting and retaining high quality in-house developers—most of whom are highly sought after in the private sector. However, we know there are developers who want to support mission-driven organizations in any way they can, with many expressing that they want to volunteer their time and energy to technology projects that contribute to the greater social good. We have the in-house capacity to identify problems that need a solution, but we need your help to build something disruptive and new: a framework for developers to build open-source technology that will drive social impact. Help us understand and put in place the building blocks of an open-source community for developers so that they can design and build the tools that can solve our–and the wider charitable sector’s–biggest challenges.


Success Looks Like

  • A market scan of similar successful initiatives
  • A documented framework for developer onboarding and contribution best practices
  • A documented framework for volunteer developer recruitment and ongoing engagement


This will establish the foundation for future open-source volunteer developer engagement. While the immediate financial or social impact is difficult to determine at this time, we commit to quantifying these where possible when preparing for and launching a product or service that will benefit youth living in low income communities.


Skills Required

  • Engineering
  • Software Architect
  • Front End Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Open Source Frameworks
  • GitHub
  • Containerization
  • Hosting

Estimated Total Hours: 50 Hours
Project Team Size: 2-3


How to Apply

Complete the form on this 10,000 Hours website: