Canada 2020 and Pathways to Education Canada partner to send youth to President Obama event in Toronto

September 13, 2017

Students from Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener, and Kingston to attend Canada 2020’s event with President Barack Obama in Toronto on September 29, 2017.

13 September 2017 (TORONTO) - Canada 2020 is pleased to announce a partnership with Pathways to Education Canada to help bring youth from low-income communities to Canada 2020’s event with President Barack Obama in Toronto.

40-50 high school students from the Pathways to Education Program™ in Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener, and Kingston will attend Canada 2020’s luncheon event with President Obama, happening September 29 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

“Canada 2020 is so proud of this partnership with Pathways to Education,” said Tom Pitfield, President of Canada 2020. “President Obama is one of the most inspiring leaders of our generation - especially for young people -and as an organization that cares deeply about global citizenship, Canada 2020 is thrilled to work on this once in a lifetime opportunity with Pathways.”

“Pathways to Education recognizes this is the kind of experience that is life-changing for youth and provides them with opportunities to learn and engage as active citizens. We are very grateful to Canada 2020 and our partners for including young Canadians in this global conversation,” said Sue Gillespie, President & CEO, Pathways to Education Canada.

Canada 2020 is also working with other individual schools, community groups, and local charities to provide access to the event which is expected to draw thousands to downtown Toronto.


Interviews and comment available from:

  • Tom Pitfield, President, Canada 2020
  • Bruce Heyman, Former U.S. Ambassador to Canada
  • Sue Gillespie, President & CEO, Pathways to Education Canada

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About Pathways to Education

Pathways to Education is a national, charitable organization working to make Canada a Graduation Nation. Partnering with dedicated organizations in low-income communities, Pathways supports youth to graduate from high school and achieve their full potential. Our award-winning combination of academic, financial, social, and one-on-one supports continues to successfully break the cycle of poverty through the power of education.