Message From Our CEO

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Here at Pathways to Education, our goal is to make sure that every youth in Canada, regardless of their postal code, has the opportunity to graduate from high school. Too often, in too many places throughout the country, youth are not granted the basic supports needed to be successful in high school and in life. Many go without proper meals, transportation to school, positive role models, and tutoring help to pass their classes.

The Pathways to Education Program exists to provide youth with those necessary supports in a safe, positive, and empowering space, helping to unlock their potential.

But we are not doing this alone. You, our dedicated Pathways community, are integral players in the success of Pathways to Education. Pathways is not just one person, or one organization. It’s thousands of moving parts throughout Canada all working towards the same goal – making Canada a Graduation Nation.

And by working together to achieve that, we are showing Canada’s youth from low-income communities that they matter – that there are thousands of people across the country who care about them and want to see them succeed. 

Thank you to our dedicated community partners, school boards, schools, teachers, staff, volunteers, funders, supporters, partners, donors, students, and alumni who are the champions of our path to success. You are making a real difference in the lives of the youth that Pathways serves.

With gratitude,

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Sue Gillespie
President and CEO
Pathways to Education Canada