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Celebrating More than 1,000 New Alumni this Graduation Season
Alum Spotlight: Shaliga’s Summer at Northbridge Financial
Pathways Winnipeg Moves to Merchants Corner
Volunteer Spotlight: EY Helps Pathways Youth Gain New Skills
Strengthening Resilience in Kitchener, Ontario
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Celebrating More than 1,000 New Alumni this Graduation Season

This graduation season, we’re honoured to celebrate the high school graduation of more than 1,000 Pathways students across the country, including the first cohort of graduating students from both Pathways Pointe-Saint-Charles and Pathways Mashteuiatsh.

Each and every one of these graduates represent Canada’s future, and we can’t wait to see what their leadership, passion, and hard work will bring to the country. As high school graduates, they have the skills, knowledge, strength, and capacity to achieve success in whatever paths they choose to pursue.

Pathways students have incredible networks of support that help to make the graduation season a time of celebration. Families, friends, volunteers, staff, teachers, partners, and supporters like you all come together as a community to recognize Pathways students’ achievements.

Thank you for supporting Pathways to Education. Together, we are helping to build stronger communities and a Graduation Nation.

Congratulations to the graduates!

Pathways Alumna
Alum Spotlight: Shaliga’s Summer at Northbridge Financial

Shaliga, a Pathways alum studying actuarial sciences at the London School of Economics, is looking forward to graduating this year. As she approaches the end of her undergraduate degree, she’s reflecting on her experiences and skills that will support her career success post-graduation.

An experience that stands out was an internship she completed during the summer of 2017 with Northbridge Financial. Through her internship, she gained hands-on learning about innovative insurance solutions, and was provided with a sense of trust that she’ll carry with her throughout her future employment. “I learned a lot over the course of four months,” says Shaliga. “I felt real responsibility and wasn’t given basic duties. I was trained very well and was expected to be on my own very quickly.”

Northbridge’s welcoming staff taught Shaliga a lot about what to look for in a work culture. “Everyone was so supportive. They really tried to get to know me. Even people who worked on different floors of the building would approach me and take me out for coffee. It was such a friendly environment.”

The opportunity to intern at Northbridge was a positive experience for Shaliga, who sees internships as a stepping stone for youth, giving them insight into the workplace. “I think internships provide a huge benefit for Pathways students and can turn their life around.”

Shaliga’s time at Northbridge is just one of the many meaningful employment experiences that Pathways youth are provided with thanks to great partnerships. In addition to Northbridge, organizations like Symcor, Stikeman Elliott, North Hamilton Community Health Centre, Emera, and Davies Ward Phillips and Vineberg have successfully employed Pathways graduates for internship placements. We’re grateful for the valuable role these partners play in supporting the development of Canada’s future workforce.

To learn more about how you can engage Pathways graduates with your organization, visit the Pathways’ internship website.

Merchants Corner
Pathways Winnipeg Moves to Merchants Corner

In March 2018, Pathways to Education Winnipeg made an exciting move to Merchants Corner, a revitalized educational, student housing, and retail complex in Winnipeg’s North End.

Formerly the Merchants Hotel, the space was once a symbol of decline and a source of frustration within the community. But now, the newly redeveloped Merchants Corner is an important beacon of hope.

“This innovative community space in the North End will enable Pathways students to experience programming and develop new networks in a collaborative and empowering environment,” says Sue Gillespie, President and CEO, Pathways to Education Canada. “At Pathways to Education, we know that this type of community-led investment in youth results in improved educational outcomes and the foundation for a successful future."

In addition to Pathways Winnipeg and Pathways Winnipeg Program Partner, Community Education Development Association (CEDA), Merchants Corner houses affordable living for students, the University of Winnipeg’s Inner-City Studies, and a common space that’s open to the public.

By sharing a space with the University of Winnipeg’s Urban and Inner-City Studies and working alongside university students on a regular basis—many of whom are Pathways alumni—Pathways students will be immersed in an educational environment and, as a result, post-secondary education may become more familiar for many of the students.

“The move to the redeveloped Merchants Corner has opened up an entirely new horizon,” says Jordan Bighorn, Program Manager, Pathways Winnipeg. “We look forward to building on its new foundation and expanding opportunities for Pathways students, in particular towards their transition to post-secondary education.”

Pathways Winnipeg and CEDA have seen many changes in the community since the Pathways Program was launched in Winnipeg’s North End in 2010 and, along with Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life, are excited to be on the frontlines of this positive change in the community. It is the perfect example of the collective power of working together.

“For nearly 20 years, Pathways has provided programs that incorporate a unique mix of support and flexible learning to students in low-income communities across Canada,” says Stefan Kristjanson, President and Chief Operating Officer, Canada, Great-West Life. “Our companies are long-time supporters of Pathways because their programs successfully lead students into post-secondary education, training and employment. We’re proud to support the move to Merchants Corner in Winnipeg, and look forward to watching this new environment provide inspiration and encouragement for even more young people.”

Thank you to valued partners like the Winnipeg Foundation, Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life, the Winnipeg School Division, and the Province of Manitoba who support Pathways students in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to graduate from high school and build the foundation for future success.

For more information on Pathways Winnipeg, visit:

EY Volunteer Profile
Volunteer Spotlight: EY Helps Pathways Youth Gain New Skills

Each year, more than 1,000 volunteers across Canada donate close to 50,000 hours to Pathways to Education. These dedicated supporters—and the tremendous commitments they make—are integral to the success of the Pathways to Education Program.

EY is a longtime supporter of Pathways, contributing financially and through countless employee-driven volunteer hours. Year after year, EY employees go above and beyond by sharing their expertise through workshops and mentoring activities, providing valuable learning opportunities to Pathways students and alumni.

Resume Writing, Interview Tips, and Personal Budgeting

In November 2017, 17 employees from EY held a series of workshops and presentations for Pathways Winnipeg students and their families. Topics ranged from resume writing to interview tips to personal budgeting. Lots of engaging conversations happened throughout the day, marking it a great success. Discussions are underway for another event in the future.

Personal Brand Training

In today’s job market, there is a clear correlation between a strong personal brand and future success. Recognizing this, EY generously led personal brand training for more than 20 Pathways alumni in May 2018. The in-depth session included topics like how to be an engaging public speaker and ways to successfully market yourself online.

This valuable training provided the participating Pathways alumni with the tools and confidence to showcase their natural leadership skills, having the potential to launch their career to new heights.

“We’re proud to be a longstanding ally of Pathways to Education,” says Trent Henry, EY Canada Chairman and CEO. “The program helps create positive social and economic change throughout our nation by supporting one of Canada’s most valuable assets: its youth. It’s great to see so many alumni going back to Pathways, to provide their leadership, share their expertise and inspire change within their communities.”

From sharing your career experiences with Pathways students to contributing your voice as an advocate of the Pathways Program, there are many ways that you can lend your support as a volunteer with Pathways to Education. To learn more about volunteering with Pathways, visit our website:

Smiling Pathways Alumnus
Strengthening Resilience in Kitchener, Ontario

The goal of the Pathways to Education Program is about more than graduation. It’s about supporting young people to build a foundation for long-term success. Pathways to Education is grateful for partners like Gore Mutual Foundation who recognize the importance of supporting youth to strengthen their innate resilience.

Gore Mutual’s investment in the Pathways to Education Resiliency Fund helps to create a space where youth feel supported and can build meaningful relationships—like the empowering space that Shub, a Pathways alum, found through Pathways Kitchener when he was in high school.

“I didn't really know too many people in my community. I had moved around a lot with my family. Then fortunately in Grade 6, we found a more permanent home in Kitchener,” remembers Shub.

Two years later, in Grade 8, he was introduced to the Pathways Program. “I was there when they were first launching it in Kitchener. We had this brief info session and all of it sounded pretty promising.”

Shub quickly grew attached to Pathways. He developed strong relationships with the staff and appreciated having mentors who encouraged him to further his interest in the tech industry. “What stood out to me was really getting to know everyone in our community and having all these mentors that were personally invested in your success.”

With encouragement from his Pathways mentors, Shub began to rapidly advance in his career, and later went on to launch multiple tech companies—including a video review and collaboration software, Vidhub, where he currently holds the coveted title of CEO.

“You’re usually more apt to taking risks if you have people to support you. I had a lot of that with Pathways.”

For more information on how Pathways to Education supports youth in strengthening their innate resilience, visit:

T 1 877 516 0123 / 416 646 0123 F 416 646 0122