Pathways Saskatoon

About the Community

For over a century, Indigenous peoples in Canada have faced systemic oppression as a result of racism and colonialism. This has greatly impacted their access to education, particularly education that is culturally-appropriate and reflective of their histories, cultures, and languages. When these educational themes are offered, Indigenous students can experience school as a place for cultural affirmation and empowerment.

Today, many jobs require a Grade 12 education. In Saskatoon, there are currently almost 35,000 people (15 years and older) that have not acquired this level of education. Research and statistics demonstrate that there is a correlation between education levels and employment. Closing the education gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples could result in an additional $737 million in income earned by over 63,000 Indigenous workers in Saskatchewan.

About Pathways Saskatoon

At Pathways to Education, we are focused on building honourable partnerships with Indigenous students, families, and communities. Pathways programming in Saskatoon is delivered in partnership with the Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC), a representative body for the seven First Nations. STC is the first Tribal Council to deliver the Pathways Program in Canada.

STC was established in 1982 to improve the quality of life for Indigenous people through mutually beneficial partnerships with community organizations and industry. They are committed to educational equity, with one of five key strategies to increase Grade 12 graduation rates of STC members to meet or exceed Saskatchewan’s average by 2020.

STC is committed to working with Pathways to Education, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, Saskatoon Public Schools, and organizations within their community to enhance a strong foundation to improve the graduation rates of all Indigenous students in the City of Saskatoon.

Pathways Saskatoon is located at:

Saskatoon Tribal Council

#200 – 335 Packham Avenue

Saskatoon, SK  S7N 4S1

Asimakaniseekan Askiy Reserve #102A

T: 306 956-610

How to Join

For information on how to join Pathways Saskatoon, please contact STC at [email protected].