Pathways Winnipeg

About Winnipeg’s North-End Community

The city of Winnipeg is located at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, almost at the very centre of North America. The Northern section of the city includes the communities of North Point Douglas, Lord Selkirk Park, and William Whyte where people of Aboriginal descent make up over 70 per cent of high school families. 

The neighbourhoods of North Point Douglas, Lord Selkirk Park, and William Whyte wrestle with many of the characteristics common to economically disadvantaged communities, such as poverty, a disproportionate number of low income families, and violence. They are also communities that are in the process of transformation, with residents who desire and are working to create positive change. In 2010, the Pathways to Education Program launched in Winnipeg in partnership with the Province of Manitoba, the City of Winnipeg, the Winnipeg School Division, and the University of Winnipeg.

Catchment Area

The Catchment area of Pathways Winnipeg is within the Northern section of the city and includes the communities of North Point Douglas, Lord Selkirk Park, and William Whyte.

Catchment Area - Winnipeg

Pathways Winnipeg is located at:

Community Education Development Association
541 Selkirk Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R2W 2M8
Tel: 204-582-7434
Pathways to Education

Pathways to Education Winnipeg is administered by host agency Community Education Development Association, a non-profit inner city community development organization that strives to meet the educational needs of its community. To visit the Community Education Development Association’s website, please click here.

How to Join

All students in the geographic catchment area are eligible to enrol in the Pathways program, regardless of their academic performance or economic circumstance. Initial enrolment begins in Grade 9 and students remain in the program until the end of Grade 12, however students may join the Program in any high school grade where applicable. The Pathways Program is at no cost to the participants. If you would like to join the Pathways Program and are currently enrolled in Grades 9-12, please contact Program Director Darlene Klyne at 204-582-7434 or by email at [email protected].

How to Volunteer

The Pathways to Education Program requires skilled and committed volunteers to serve as tutors and mentors. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of an innovative program that makes a positive difference in the lives of youth and their families. Both one-on-one and group tutoring positions are available and training is provided. Recruitment is ongoing. Join the dedicated team of Pathways volunteers and you will see how your time contribution will make a difference in the lives of Winnipeg’s youth.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer tutor or group mentor with Pathways Winnipeg, please contact Roxane or Stephen at 204-582-7434 and them know your area of interest and expertise.