Research Reports

What Works in Dropout Prevention: A Report by Pathways to Education Canada
Written 15 years after one of our founders, Norman Rowen, conducted a scan of effective approaches and program models, the report surveys the research landscape based primarily on external research published after the launch of the Pathways Program in 2001. It also adds a new layer: by capturing insights from experienced Pathways Program staff who understand the nuances of program delivery, the report also highlights the value of practitioner knowledge.

Parental Engagement in the Pathways to Education Program​
By combining the best of existing research on parental engagement with practice-based knowledge of experienced front-line staff at several Pathways to Education Program locations, this report aims to create a common understanding of parental engagement in youth programs for young people between the ages of 12-25. It identifies successful approaches and strategies that can be implemented to increase parental involvement in the positive development and academic success of adolescents living in risk situations, while emphasizing the importance of respectfully addressing and considering the unique characteristics, needs, and interests of each family.