[Winnipeg Free Press] U of W student giving back to the world

December 9, 2017


"When Rose’s parents raised her and her three siblings in a two-bedroom North End duplex, resources were scarce. Sometimes, her house was so cold it was hard to concentrate on anything but keeping warm.

Now, the 20-year-old is studying criminal justice and human rights at the University of Winnipeg.

She’s going to work for the United Nations to help the world.

'When I see the hurt in the world, I can’t ignore it,' she says.

After doing her best to help the world, she’ll narrow her lens a bit to focus on Winnipeg’s problems.

Right now, she works as an administrative assistant in the provincial deputy education minister’s office.

She wouldn’t have her job, or be so close to reaching her dreams, if it wasn’t for Pathways to Education, a program run in inner-city schools by the Community Education Development Association and funded by United Way Winnipeg.

In Grade 9, she started in the Pathways to Education program. She got help from peers, help from a counsellor who kept her studies on track and financial support in the form of scholarships.

She then became a peer helper, tutoring her peers in English, social studies, science and math.

She’s now pulling in great grades in university, while still mentoring high school students with the Pathways to Education program.

'It’s inspiring to see them become leaders in the community,' she said about the students she mentors.

She’s a leader too, thanks at least in part to the Pathways to Education program."