[Winnipeg Sun] Housing money for high-risk youth

January 7, 2016

Riely Castel will no longer have to couch-surf once he finally gets a key to his own place next week.“I was living at home with my parents until 2013 when my mother passed, and that’s when my family sort of broke up, and I’ve been couch-surfing since then,” Castel said, after the Selinger government announced it had invested $1.5 million to provide housing for at-risk youth at the Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre on Thursday. ... “When you’re couch-surfing, it’s almost impossible to get to school every day,” said Community Education Development Association program executive director Darlene Klyne. “If you can’t get to school, if you can’t graduate, that often means a future that is not only uncertain for yourself but for your future family.”