Pathways’ innovative, community-based program has been helping youth in low-income communities stay in school and graduate to post-secondary for more than 10 years. Working in partnership with governments, social welfare agencies, and hundreds of diverse volunteers who share their talent and wisdom, Pathways is helping to break the cycle of poverty and enable strategic, long-term social change.

Pathways works alongside the school system, providing after-school tutoring, mentoring and financial assistance to address the barriers that can stand in the way of education. Each student benefits from a personal relationship with their Student/Parent Support Worker – part counsellor, advocate, confidante, social worker, and mediator – who motivates and guides students and their families, brings insight that can’t be found on report cards, and holds students accountable to the contract they sign in order to participate in the program.

Embedded within trusted local organizations, and dedicated to equality, inclusion and accessibility, the program is available to all students of high school age within the communities Pathways serves. With average sign-up rates of 85 per cent, Pathways is a collective movement of the community for education. 

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  • Founded in 2001, Pathways now operates nationally across Canada
  • The Pathways program provides a comprehensive set of academic, financial and social supports to youth
  • By 2016, Pathways will serve over 10,000 students and alumni each year