Dropping out affects us all.

It can limit a young person’s potential for the rest of their lives and it costs Canada billions in lost tax revenue, social assistance, and health care. There are currently more than 300,000 young people living in low-income communities across Canada, where students often face barriers to their educational success. These challenges are beyond their control and can make it harder for them to finish high school.

The Barriers


When students in low-income communities face financial instability, their whole life is affected. It’s a source of stress that affects what they plan to do in the short, medium and long-term. To help them stay focused on school, Pathways offers targeted financial supports like bus fare, food support, post-secondary scholarships and more.

“I was concerned about the cost [of university applications], but I learned I could use part of my Pathways scholarship. Pathways played a vital role in my transition from high school to university.”

–Arrththi, Pathways Scarborough Village alum


After-school tutoring is often unaffordable for families in low-income communities. So is the technology needed to complete homework and assignments, or the language lessons newcomer youth need just to keep up with school work. But that shouldn’t make high school graduation out of reach. Pathways’ academic supports include free weekly tutoring, summer language lessons, loaner technology and more. 

“It’s difficult to fit in when you don’t understand the language. Pathways really helped. I did my English homework during tutoring sessions, and I could practice speaking during social activities.”

–Abdulrahman, Pathways Vancouver alum

Access to one-on-one supports

Some students living in low-income communities don’t have access to post-secondary education or career planning advice through their family. That’s why Pathways offers students access to one-on-one supports that lead to strong relationships with mentors and role models in their community.  

“Every time we meet a youth, from the very beginning of the program, we check in around school. And then, we’ll talk about health, relationships, hopes and dreams. If you have the relationships, the rest falls into place.”

–Tyler, Pathways Vancouver staff


Starting high school can be overwhelming, especially when it’s in a new language or culture. These challenges can get in the way of developing skills that youth will need later on. With social programming like field trips and career fairs, Pathways ensures students have access to opportunities to develop competencies like time management, leadership, communication, and more.

“Through lending a hand with activities, I was able to learn from many program planning professionals at Pathways.”

–Erum, Pathways Scarborough Village alum

Our Program

Creating Pathways
to Success

The award-winning Pathways to Education Program provides the supports youth need to overcome the barriers they face and graduate from high school. These supports include:

Tailored student plan


Social support


Financial support

Planning for life after school

Our future depends on their education.

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