Dropping out affects us all.

It can limit a young person’s potential for the rest of their lives and it costs Canada billions in lost tax revenue, social assistance, and health care. Today across Canada, there are more than 300,000 high school students facing significant barriers to their graduation.

The Barriers


Youth from low-income households are more likely to leave school early. They may struggle to pay for food, school supplies, and transportation. Some may also require additional support, like after-school tutoring, but are unable to afford such services.


Many youth from a variety of backgrounds, including newcomers, struggle to integrate into the Canadian education system. Some have additional responsibilities, like caring for younger siblings. Many lack access to networks that will mentor their talent, offer support, and inspire them to success.

Our Program

Creating Pathways
to Success

The award-winning Pathways to Education Program provides the supports youth need to overcome the barriers they face and graduate from high school. These supports include:

Tailored student plan


Social support


Financial support

Planning for life after school

Our future depends on their education.

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Take Action

Help #BuildPathways to success for all youth. 

Together, we can make Canada a country where all youth have an equal opportunity to graduate from high school and build the foundation for their future success.