Corporate Partnerships

Our network of dedicated corporate supporters help to provide essential resources to ensure the Pathways Program continues to make a transformative impact on the lives of youth across Canada.

Through financial investment and meaningful engagement, corporations play a critical role the success of Pathways youth. Together, we help thousands of students graduate from high school and build the foundation for a successful future.

Why Partner with Pathways?

We believe partnerships are much deeper than funding, and we are dedicated to building a caring community of corporations, their staff, and stakeholders.

We prioritize partnerships that are widely impactful and mutually beneficial. When your corporation invests in Pathways, you are directly helping to:


  • Close the equity gap between youth and their pursuit of high school graduation through tailored academic, financial, social, and one-on-one supports
  • Remove financial barriers that affect food security, getting to and from school, and post-secondary entrance
  • Equip youth with skills and competencies needed to successfully transition to post-secondary education, training, and employment
  • Foster the growth of our future leaders and the sustainability of Canada’s workforce
  • Achieve your corporate social responsibility goals in a meaningful and demonstrative way

Ways to Partner with Pathways

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Make a financial contribution towards the delivery of the Pathways Program

How your funding is used


Raise awareness and engage your staff through team-building opportunities and impactful storytelling

How to get your workplace involved



Support Pathways through your product and brand promotion

How to elevate your corporate brand and social purpose


Enhance your corporation’s investment in Pathways through internship and employment opportunities

How to support the professional development of Pathways alumni


Financial contributions—one-time or multi-year—are used to deliver the Pathways Program to over 6,000 students annually through academic, financial, social, and one-on-one supports.

Unrestricted funding to support 31 Pathways Program locations across the country ensures that Pathways highest needs are met first.

Other financial contributions, such annual gala and golf sponsorships and proceeds also directly support program delivery to Pathways students.


We work with corporations to determine the best type and level of engagement, from company-wide lunch-and-learn sessions and fundraising drives to awareness campaigns.

Through custom campaigns, compelling storytelling, and engaging materials, we ensure that there are opportunities for all staff to participate in the company’s social impact initiatives.

Group or individual corporate volunteer opportunities are subject to the needs of Pathways Programs, students and alumni and annual corporate funding commitments.


Aligning your business and product with Pathways’ mission is a powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to youth and education.

Directing a portion of the proceeds from the sale of goods has a dual effect of contributing to the success of the Pathways Program while highlighting your business and corporate social responsibility goals.

In collaboration with marketing departments, we help elevate a corporation’s brand profile and social purpose while raising awareness of the issues affecting youth living in low-income communities across Canada.


The Pathways journey doesn’t end with high school graduation. Program alumni across Canada receive additional supports through professional development initiatives and employment opportunities with Pathways corporate partners.

Promoting internships and employment within your corporation provides Pathways alumni with the unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience, develop important social capital, enhance their professional development, and contribute to Canada’s robust and diverse workforce.

Make a Lasting Impact

By partnering with Pathways, you won’t just be supporting youth in the program—you will also play a crucial role in creating a better future for Canada. Improving graduation rates has been proven to help to build a more equitable economy, increase civic engagement, lower public healthcare costs, and contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Let us help you meet your community and organizational goals including corporate social responsibility planning, impact reporting, and workplace engagement. We’ll work closely with your team to ensure transparency, accountability, positive engagement, and sustainability.

To learn more about how your corporation can work with Pathways to promote your social purpose and make a difference in the lives of young people living in low-income communities across Canada, please contact us at 416-646-0123 ext. 223 or [email protected].