We’re building a nation of high school graduates and empowered youth.

Our Impact

Higher education

71% of Pathways graduates transition to post-secondary education or training 

Annual income

The Pathways Program increases annual income of graduates by 19% compared to their peers 

Employment rates

The Pathways Program increases employment rates of graduates by 14% compared to their peers

Canadian society

1:24 social return on investment 

Lifetime benefit

Every Pathways graduate = up to $600,000 lifetime benefit to society 

Graduation rates

Proven increase in graduation rates of up to an average of 85%

The Societal Benefits

Cycle of poverty

Graduating from high school increases lifetime earnings, helping to break the cycle of generational poverty. 

Economic growth

High school graduation better positions young people for employment, providing a boost for the Canadian economy.


Increasing the high school graduation rate reduces public health care costs as graduates are more likely to live healthier lifestyles. 

Workforce skills gap

Graduating from high school increases future potential as graduates can gain the skills and credentials needed to pursue further education or skilled professions. 

Civic engagement

High school graduates are more likely to vote, volunteer, donate to causes, and give back to their communities.  

Low-income living

High school graduates earn more over their lifetime than their non-graduating peers, increasing their overall standard of living. 

Pathways Communities 

There are currently 20 Pathways Program locations across Canada helping thousands of youth graduate from high school and break the cycle of poverty. 


Pathways Regent Park
2239 graduates since 2001

Pathways Rexdale
731 graduates since 2007

Pathways Lawrence Heights
603 graduates since 2007

Pathways Scarborough Village
528 graduates since 2009


Pathways Kitchener
897 graduates since 2007

Pathways Ottawa
743 graduates since 2007

Pathways Hamilton
499 graduates since 2009

Pathways Kingston
292 graduates since 2010

Nova Scotia

Pathways Halifax
303 graduates since 2010


Pathways Winnipeg
250 graduates since 2010


Pathways Verdun
316 graduates since 2007

Pathways Pointe-Saint-Charles
57 graduates since 2013

Pathways Lachine
27 graduates since 2014


Pathways Shawinigan
143 graduates since 2012

Pathways Mashteuiatsh
20 graduates since 2013

Pathways Sherbrooke
Helping students graduate high school since 2013

British Columbia

Pathways Vancouver
40 graduates since 2014


Pathways Edmonton
First cohort of students graduating soon!


Pathways Saskatoon
First cohort of students graduating soon!

New Brunswick

Pathways Saint John
First cohort of students graduated in 2020! Data coming soon.

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