A better future for Canada starts with high school graduation.

High school graduation opens so many doors. Help more students living in low-income communities get there.

Each year, thousands of students across Canada drop out of high school.

In low-income communities across Canada, high school dropout rates can be more than double the national average. At Pathways to Education, we don’t believe any young person should face those odds. Dropping out creates an achievement gap that lasts a lifetime and the cost to Canada’s economic, health, and justice systems is steep.

We’re changing the lives of young people across the country.

With your support, we’re dramatically improving graduation rates across the country. We partner with local communities to help young people overcome barriers to education and reach their full potential. 

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Help #BuildPathways to success for all youth.

Together, we can make Canada a country where all youth have an equal opportunity to graduate from high school and build the foundation for their future success.