Privacy Policy


The intellectual property shared here as well as the approach, methodology and delivery of the program is the trademarked and copy written property of The Regent Park Community Health Centre and Pathways to Education Canada, and cannot be reproduced without the expressed written consent of these parties. 


PATHWAYS TO EDUCATION CANADA (“Pathways”) recognizes that the privacy of your personal information is essential. Our privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) confirms our commitment to the protection of personal information and to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information only in accordance with the spirit and letter of Canadian privacy laws. 

Our Privacy Policy applies to all personal information that we collect, use or disclose about an identifiable individual, but does not include the name, title, business address or telephone number of an employee of an organization or information that is publicly available.


Collection of Personal Information:

Information collected by Pathways Canada includes: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, gift amount, credit card and expiry date if donation made through credit card. If a donation is made in honour of someone, their name and address is required. 


1.1     We collect personal information:

         To administer the Pathways Program;

         To establish and maintain our donor lists;

         For such other uses for which you may consent from time to time; and

         As otherwise permitted or required by law.

1.2     When we collect personal information, we limit the information we collect to that which

          is necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined above.

1.3     We will not use previously collected personal information for a new purpose without

          first identifying the new purpose and obtaining your consent for the new use, unless 

          otherwise permitted or required by law.

Obtaining Consent:

2.1     In obtaining your consent for the collection, use and disclosure of your personal 

          information, we make a reasonable effort to ensure that you are advised of the 

          purposes for which the information is collected and will be used or disclosed.

2.2     We will not, as a condition to supplying a product or service, require you to consent to 

          the collection, use or disclosure of personal information beyond that required to provide 

          the product or service.

2.3     You may withdraw your consent at any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions 

          and reasonable notice, by contacting our Chief Privacy Officer. Please note that the 

          withdrawal of your consent may impact on our ability to serve you, may limit your ability 

          to participate in Pathways’ products and services and/or our ability to maintain our 

          relationship with you.

2.4     In certain circumstances personal information may be collected, used or disclosed 

          without your knowledge and consent. For example, legal, medical or security reasons 

          may make it impossible or impractical to seek consent. When information is being 

          collected for the detection and prevention of fraud or for law enforcement, seeking 

          consent might defeat the purpose of collecting the information. Seeking consent may be 

          impossible or inappropriate if you were a minor, seriously ill, or mentally incapacitated.  

2.5     We may also collect information without your consent if the collection is reasonable for 

          the purposes of establishing, managing or terminating an employment or volunteer 


2.6     Personal information may also be disclosed when required or permitted to do so by law 

          or legal process, or in connection with a sale, transfer or reorganization of Pathways’ 

          business, in which case Pathways will require that any personal information will 

          continue to be treated in accordance with this Policy.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information:

3.1     Pathways does not use or disclose personal information for purposes other than those 

          for which it was originally collected, except with your consent or as otherwise 

          permitted by law.

3.2     We may also disclose personal information to another organization without your consent 

          if you had consented to the use of the personal information by us, and we are 

          disclosing the personal information to the other organization solely for the purposes for 

          which the information was previously collected and to assist the other organization to 

          carry out work on our behalf.  

3.3     We remain responsible for personal information in our possession or custody, including 

          information that we transfer to a third party for processing. We enter into confidentiality 

          or contractual agreements with third parties which are engaged to perform services on 

          our behalf and to whom we transfer personal information for processing requiring them 

          to provide a level of security comparable to that provided under our Privacy Policy.

Protection of Personal Information:

4.1     Pathways is committed to protecting your personal information by security safeguards 

          appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. These security measures include both 

          physical and technical security measures, such as locked filing cabinets and restricted 

          access to areas where personal information is stored, passwords and encryption 

          technology as appropriate as well as organizational security measures, such as 

          security clearances and limiting access on a “need-to-know” basis.  

4.2     When disposing of or destroying personal information which is no longer needed, we 

          ensure that appropriate measures are taken regarding the disposal or destruction so as 

          to prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access to the personal information.

Retention of Personal Information:

5.1     We retain your personal information only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the 

          general purposes outlined above or for the fulfillment of legal or business purposes.  

Access To and Correction of Personal Information:

6.1     Upon receipt of a written request, Pathways will inform you of the existence, use and 

          disclosure of your personal information and will give you access to that information.  

          You will be able to challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information and 

          have it amended as appropriate following procedures that have been established by 


6.2     We do not routinely update personal information, unless such a process is necessary to 

          fulfill the purposes for which the information was collected or we receive notification 

          from you to do so. If you are aware of updates changes to the personal information 

          you have given us, simply write our Chief Privacy Officer and we will update our 

          records accordingly.


7.1     Should you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Policy or the collection, 

          use or disclosure of your personal information, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer 

          by mail at: 

          ATTENTION:  Chief Privacy Officer

          Pathways To Education Canada

          439 University Avenue, 16th Floor

          Toronto, Ontario  M5G 1Y8

          Or by e-mail at: [email protected]

7.2     A challenge concerning compliance with privacy laws can be addressed to our Chief 

          Privacy Officer.

7.3     We have procedures in place to receive and respond to complaints or inquiries about 

          our policies and practices relating to the handling of personal information.

Internet Usage:

8.1     When you visit Pathways’ website at, please rest assured 

          that we do not collect identifying information about you unless you specifically provide 

          it. The only information we collect is non-identifying information (such as the ISP, 

          the type of Internet browser used, the referring website, the pages requested and the 

          date and time of those requests) to create aggregate data in order to determine the level 

          of interest in the information provided on the website and to improve the content of the 


8.2     We collect this non-identifying information through the use of cookies and server log 

          files, including IP Addresses. Our website does not link IP Addresses to any personally 

          identifiable information. Cookies identify which areas of our website you have visited or 

          customized, and make these pages readily accessible the next time you visit. If you do 

          not want non-identifying information collected through the use of cookies, you can 

          disable it by changing the setting of your Internet browser.

8.3     In addition, we may provide links to other websites managed by 

          third parties/may permit third parties to offer users subscriptions/registration-based 

          services through its website. As we cannot control or be responsible for the actions or 

          policies of such third parties, you should check the applicable privacy policy of such 

          third parties when visiting their websites or when providing any personal information to 

          them. Please also note that we cannot control or prevent the use of cookies or any 

          information obtained through cookies by such third parties.  

8.4     Finally, please be advised that information voluntarily disclosed online in discussion 

          areas/other public areas of our website can be collected, used and disclosed by third 

          parties. Any submissions made to discussion areas/other public areas on our website 

          are done at the user’s risk and on the understanding that such information may be 

          accessible to third parties. We cannot control and will not be liable for any damages 

          that may arise from such user activity.

Changes to Privacy Policy:

9.1     Pathways reserves the right to modify our Privacy Policy at our sole discretion. In 

          particular, the Chief Privacy Officer will periodically review and modify our Privacy 

          Policy in response to developments and changes in privacy law. Any modifications 

          shall be effective immediately upon its publication by any means, including posting on 

          this website.