About Us



At Pathways to Education, our mission is to provide youth from low-income communities with the resources and network of support to graduate from high school and build the foundation for a successful future.

An Award-Winning Program

Through our innovative, community-based approach, students receive four important, wraparound areas of support—academic, financial, social, and one-one-one—which include programming and incentives like after-school tutoring, mentoring, networking opportunities, transit passes to get to and from school, and scholarships for post-secondary education.

We are proud to provide young people with these supports, so they can overcome the barriers they face and develop the skills to succeed and contribute to a strong Canadian workforce.



Strengthening the Community by Helping Youth Thrive

Since Pathways to Education was founded in 2001, we have improved graduation rates in the communities we serve by an average of up to 85 per cent, and graduates of our program are joining the workforce as Canada’s future leaders.

Today, we are proud to support more than 11,000 young people nationwide.