About Us

Our Vision

Breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

Our Mission

For youth in low-income communities, Pathways to Education provides the resources and network of support to graduate from high school and build the foundation for a successful future.

What We Believe

We believe in the strength and potential of young people and the communities that stand behind them. We believe in the power of our partners, including individual volunteers, organizations, and government supporters. We believe in our ability to learn from others and apply that learning to make our work the best it can be. We strive for impact, whether in the life of one student, the strength of one community, or the health of our country. Our goal is to ensure that one day, every young person in Canada can graduate from high school.

How We Work

The award-winning Pathways to Education Program is provided to high school students living in low-income communities across Canada. Our program’s holistic combination of academic, financial, social, and one-on-one supports is proven to remove barriers to graduation and promote positive youth development during critical high school years.

To ensure the success, quality, and sustainability of the Pathways Program, we commit significant time and research to selecting the communities we work in and with.

Our responsibility

Accountability and transparency are key.

Our people

Learn more about the people powering our growth.

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