The Class Champions Donor Program

Logo of Class Champions

The Class Champions program brings together generous and dedicated supporters to collectively support an entire cohort of Pathways students from the first day of high school until graduation. 

Class Champions make a multi-year commitment to ensure that eligible students across Canada have access to the Pathways Program. 

With an annual gift of $1,000 or more over four years, Class Champions provide sustainable funding to support Pathways students through the entirety of their high school journey. 

Make an impact as a community and receive exclusive benefits

As a Class Champion, we will keep you up to date on the successes and challenges of Pathways students over the course of their high school journey. You will receive:

  • Two comprehensive updates per year to give you a view into how students are progressing, allowing you to witness the real change you are helping make happen.
  • Exclusive invitations to Class Champions events.
  • Recognition of your generous support and leadership in our annual report and our website, showcasing your commitment to empowering students through education.

Become a Class Champions fundraising volunteer

Approximately 2000 incoming high school students join the Pathways Program every year, and we support them for their entire high school journey and beyond. Help us raise the funds required to honour this commitment by becoming a Class Champions fundraising volunteer.  

For more information on becoming a fundraising volunteer please contact: 

Ellen Sikorski  
Manager, Donor Programs 
[email protected]
(416) 646-0123 x225 

Why Canadians like you support the Class Champions program

With inflation driving up the cost of living, we feel it’s important to ensure every student continues to receive the resources they need for their best chance at educational success. Supporting Pathways is an effective way to support students for long-term success in work and family life—not just for the Class of 2026, but for future generations as well.

Mike and Leah Lord

I support the Graduating Class of 2025 because I believe no young person should have to overcome financial or social barriers to finish high school. Donating to Pathways aligns with my vision of giving back to help young people succeed.

Steve K