How Communities Are Selected

Interested in bringing the Pathways Program to your community?

Partnership is core to everything that we do at Pathways to Education, including our community engagement process.

We know that positive and successful community engagement requires that youth, families, community members, and organizations, including local schools, are a part of the process from the very beginning, and that each weighs in on whether the Pathways Program makes sense for their community.

Together with key leaders within the community, we develop an engagement process that is tailored to each community’s context and unique needs.

We also look at multiple community-based factors, including:

  • What youth in the community tell us they need
  • The existing programs and services that are available in the community
  • If the Pathways Program would address the community’s needs
  • If there is community readiness and sustainability.

If you would like more information about our community engagement process or are interested in bringing the Pathways Program to your community, please reach out at [email protected].