“Social motivations, COVID-19, and developing educational technologies that address student needs in a mindful and inclusive way.

COVID-19 hasn’t done many favours for the education landscape in Canada this year. ICTC’s ongoing research series continues to identify challenges for both educators and administrations that impact schools at the K-12 and post-secondary level. Ranging from in-class learning, the deployment of hybridized learning models, to those that are completely digital, environments for learning vary tremendously from one province to the next. Challenges varying from educator training, to student retention and even connectivity are numerous. Likewise, the service delivery models for the educational technologies themselves have been forced to adapt and respond to shifting demands, and some organizations have adopted Churchill’s philosophy by “never [letting] a good crisis go to waste.” In this conversation ICTC’s Nathan Snider sits down with Pathway to Education’s Jason Shim (Director of Digital Strategy and Transformation) and Brock Warner (Innovation Partnerships) to chat about education in Canada. This discussion about their award winning Canadian not-for-profit takes a deep-dive into the unique ways that Pathways has adapted to the pandemic and what new technologies, partnerships and opportunities these challenges have fostered.”

—An excerpt from an article on Medium’s Digital Think Tank by ICTC featuring Pathways to Education

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