Rexdale’s Andre Hanna is preparing to embark on the trip of a lifetime, courtesy of Pathways to Education and Operation Groundswell (OG).

As the recipient of the Catherine McIntyre Scholarship, jointly sponsored by the two Canadian non-profits, Hanna will depart next week on a two-week “transformative learning experience” to India, during which he and 10 other participants will partake in an OG-led, spirituality focused exploration of one of the most “diverse, populous, and beautiful countries in the world,” organizers said in a news release. 

“It’s very exciting, mainly because I’ve never travelled outside North America before. It’s going to be my first time ever going on a plane,” the 21-year-old Pathways grad who attended Monsignor Percy Johnson Catholic Secondary School said of the trip. He will travel to Delhi, Dharamshala and Rishikesh, in India, from Sept. 15 to 30.

“I’m most looking forward to taking in all the culture. I want to learn about the religions, hear the different languages, taste all the food, and hear the music — everything. And I’m really thankful for this opportunity to experience all of it.”

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