The Issue

In low-income communities across the country, high school dropout rates can reach up to 50% or higher.

Across the country, youth in low-income communities face significant barriers to education. These barriers are outside of their control and can affect their personal and academic well-being. They can make high school graduation—let alone post-secondary education—feel like an impossible dream.

There is a cost to dropping out.

The cost of dropping out of high school is staggering and creates an achievement gap that can negatively affect youth for the rest of their lives. Without a high school diploma, their potential for a bright future is limited.

But the impact does not stop there.

The impact of dropping out of high school is far-reaching. It affects everyone—the student, their family, their community, and their country.

Individuals without a high school education are statistically more likely to rely on social services and decrease the economy’s tax base.

When lost tax revenue, social assistance expenditures, and health care are taken into account, the total cost of high school non-completion to Canada is $37.1 billion per year.

We don’t believe any young person should have to face these odds.

At Pathways to Education, we know that education is an essential building block in life. We know that education has the power to level the playing field and provide all youth with the opportunity to achieve success. And we know our program works.

But these days, the demand is outpacing our ability to help and we know there are thousands of students and hundreds of communities that still need Pathways to Education.

Help us realize the dream of getting these students to graduation.