Pathways Kingston

About the Kingston Community

The city of Kingston is located half way between Montreal and Toronto, Canada’s two largest cities. The city’s north end includes the Inner North End and Rideau Heights communities, both of which struggle with high dropout rates and poverty. While residents in these communities make up less than 10 per cent of Kingston’s population, they account for 24 per cent of low-income households, 23 per cent of residents who have not completed high school, 20 per cent of single-parent families, and 17 per cent of renters in the city. North Kingston today remains the crucible of socio-economic disadvantage, saddled by the traditional model of centralized public housing in Rideau Heights, and the consequent problems that a concentration of multi-generational poverty breeds. Yet there is an emergent North Kingston, a community of distinct neighbourhoods with a clear sense of identity, seasoned community leaders, active citizen engagement, and a string of recent community development successes.

In 2010, Pathways Kingston was launched – the 10th Pathways to Education Program in Canada – in partnership with Kingston Community Health Centres.

Catchment Area

The catchment area of Pathways Kingston is within the north section of the city, including the communities of the Inner North End and Rideau Heights: Raglan Road to Conacher St. between Division Street and the Cataraqui River.

Catchment Area - Kingston

The Kingston Pathways to Education Program is located at:

Kingston Community Health Centres
263 Weller Avenue
Kingston, Ontario  K7K 2V4
Tel: 613-507-7107

Pathways Kingston is administered by host agency Kingston Community Health Centres whose mission is to “Care, Respond, Build Community” at the five program sites in its catchment area. To visit the Health Centre’s website, please click here.

How to Join

All students in the geographic catchment area are eligible to enrol in the Pathways Program, regardless of their academic performance or economic circumstance. Initial enrolment begins in Grade 9 and students remain in the program until the end of Grade 12, however students may join the Program in any high school grade, where applicable. The Pathways Program is at no cost to the participants. If you would like to join the Pathways Program and are currently enrolled in Grades 9 – 10, you or your parent/guardian can contact Petra Hanson ([email protected]) or Roger Romero ([email protected]).

How to Volunteer

The Pathways to Education Program requires skilled and committed volunteers to serve as tutors and mentors. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of an innovative program, that makes a positive difference in the lives of youth and their families. Both one-on-one and group tutoring positions are available and training is provided. Recruitment is ongoing. Join the dedicated team of Pathways volunteers and you will see how your time contribution will make a difference in the lives of Kingston’s youth.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer tutor or group mentor with Pathways Kingston, please call Joanna Rivera at 613-507-7107 ext. 2115 or email her at [email protected], indicating your area of interest and expertise.