The Pathways Model

How the Pathways Program works.

The award-winning Pathways to Education Program is delivered to high school students living in low-income communities across Canada. Students in our program receive a comprehensive set of supports needed to overcome the barriers they face and succeed in school, including food vouchers, after-school tutoring and mentoring, financial support, and career planning. In the 2021-22 school year, the average graduation rate in the communities that Pathways serves was 78%.

Tailored student plan

Pathways staff work one-on-one with students to map out a tailored support plan that is focused on helping them achieve their goals.


Pathways staff work in conjunction with schools in their community to ensure the tutoring offered to Pathways students matches their lesson plans. Volunteers devote time to helping students with their schoolwork. 

Social support

Youth are surrounded by other Pathways students and soon realize that they are not alone. Adult role models are available to provide social support and guide students in their decision making. 


Through Pathways’ network of volunteers and corporate partners, students are given opportunities to speak with mentors in fields that are of interest to them and to acquire career-related advice and skills. 

Financial support

Pathways provides students with both short- and long-term financial supports, including lunch vouchers, transit passes, and scholarships for post-secondary education or training. 

Planning for life after high school

With Pathways’ support, many Pathways alumni go on to pursue post-secondary education or training. Others gain meaningful apprenticeships, internships, and employment opportunities.