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About the Saint John Community

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Teen Resource Centre (TRC) to help support Saint John youth to graduate from high school and successfully transition into post-secondary education, training, or employment. Launched in early September 2016, the TRC is now delivering the Pathways to Education Program to high school students living in Waterloo Village and the South End. Since 2007, TRC has provided a safe and encouraging environment that inspires youth to reach their full potential.

The two neighbourhoods that Pathways to Education serves, Waterloo Village and the South End, have an overall poverty rate of more than 30 per cent, and a child poverty rate of 49.5 per cent. One-third of the population comprises single-parent families, and of those, nearly 60 per cent live in poverty.

Ninety per cent of Waterloo Village and South End youth identify social issues as a major contributor to having trouble in school. Whether it’s bullying, feeling misunderstood, issues at home, behaviour problems, or anxiety, one quarter of youth do not believe they will graduate from high school, and a further 25 per cent say that if they do, it will take at least five or six years. Nearly half think that there will be significant barriers preventing them from continuing to post-secondary.

Over half of the students who reported having grades of 80 per cent or higher indicated that financial and social barriers are their biggest challenge to graduating from high school. Despite this, all students that were engaged in the surveys identified that graduating from high school is important and an outcome that they desire for themselves. With the adversities that they face, however, many youth just feel that it is not possible.

Of the Waterloo Village and South End youth who started high school between 2005 and 2008, only half graduated within four years. A full 29 per cent of these youth dropped out of high school altogether. According to the 2011 census, only 29 per cent of Waterloo Village residents aged 20 to 34 have a high school diploma. In the South End, that rose to 50 per cent, still falling below Saint John’s average of 58 per cent.

Saint John’s Waterloo Village and South End neighbourhoods are full of young people with passion and promise who can achieve much more than the story statistics tell. With your support, we can change the situation for youth. Pathways to Education is poised to bring our proven, groundbreaking Program to these students. With your support, we can break the cycle of poverty in Saint John through the power of education.

Pathways Saint John Program location is hosted by: 
Teen Resource Centre
28 Richmond Street
Saint John, NB, E2L 3B2
Tel: 506-632-5531


How to join:

For more information or to register for the Program please contact the Pathways Saint John team at (506) 632-3301 or [email protected].

How to volunteer:

Pathways recruits volunteers for mentoring and tutoring year round. Find out about volunteer opportunities by contacting Pathways Saint John at (506) 632-3301 or [email protected].