This report, written 15 years after the Pathways to Education program was developed, is an attempt to update the original “review of best practices” by capturing what we currently know about dropout prevention and effective interventions and approaches. It also offers a section on what we know and are continuing to learn from the Pathways to Education community partners throughout Canada and their front-line staff who, years after the original community consultations in Regent Park, implement the program in a wide variety of diverse communities, serve youth and their families, engage with their communities, and continue the legacy of the community-based dropout prevention program first envisioned by Carolyn Acker and Norman Rowen.

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Glogowski, K. (2015). What works in dropout prevention: Research evidence, Pathways to Education program design, and practitioner knowledge. Toronto, ON: Pathways to Education Canada.


Research > Barriers to Educational Attainment > What Works in Dropout Prevention: Research Evidence, Pathways to Education Program Design, and Practitioner Knowledge.