“By collectively investing in the skills and competency development of youth living in low-income communities, Canada will create a dynamic and adaptable workforce that will contribute to a robust economic recovery and long-term growth.”
–Towards Inclusive Growth: Addressing the Digital Divide through Skills and Training, Pathways to Education


The pandemic has intensified the digital divide for youth across Canada. Building the Bridge to Youth Success: Overcoming the Digital Divide, a series of essays from 8 youth-focused organizations, shows us how we can use innovation and best practices to bridge the digital divide for youth living in low-income communities. The importance of mentoring, the need for improved access to digital skills training and employment, and ensuring youth have a voice in designing solutions to bridge the digital divide, are consistent themes throughout each of the five essays.

Read these thought-provoking essays to learn more about how we can help youth overcome the digital divide and get access to the tools, training, resources and support they need to reach their full potential and contribute to Canada’s economic recovery.


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