Spending Time with Grantees [Johnson Scholarship Foundation]

July 23, 2018

This week, Pathways to Education Canada was highlighted by Malcolm Macleod, President and CEO of the Johnson Scholarship Foundation.

"I recently visited with Sue Gillespie, CEO of Pathways to Education, and her team in Toronto. We are in the midst of a five-year grant agreement with Pathways, which is unfolding as we had hoped. Pathways asked for the meeting so that it could give us an update and discuss some longer term strategic issues that it is facing. "

"[...]One of the ways that we support our grantees is by showing up at events and meeting and talking with their students. We have learned that students are usually encouraged and energized by this contact. Our visits also offer grantee organizations the opportunity to discuss important issues that they face. For the most part, our grantees are not afraid to speak freely because their funding is not at risk. We tend to make multi-year grants and future funding is defined by a grant agreement. We listen and respond. Our grantees know their business better than we do but occasionally we can offer helpful counsel or help them to connect with an organization facing similar issues or with another funder."