Looking back, we see and appreciate all that others have done for us. Another year comes to a close and we are especially grateful for the Pathways community during a period when money, time, and energy feels extra tight.

Donors, supporters, and volunteer tutors and mentors made it possible for us to help over 6,800 students in low-income communities in a single year. You were there for these young people and helped them navigate the challenges of 2023. With such a powerful network behind them, students persevered in their education despite the barriers they faced—and we are always heartened to see the ways in which they pay it forward.

“I’ve always loved helping people; making people happy makes me happy. I initially volunteered with Pathways. It was my way of helping. I liked it so much, I volunteered at several events afterwards, and now I’m much more open to helping others.”

–Madeleine, Pathways City of Québec


As a small gesture, we’re happy to present some holiday-themed artwork that Pathways students have created, just for you. Happy Holidays from us to you! We cannot wait for all of the opportunities that 2024 will bring.


*Click on the images in the gallery below to enlarge each image and read the accompanying description.