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About the Vancouver Community

The third largest metropolitan area in Canada, Vancouver is consistently named one of the top five cities worldwide for livability and quality of life. But Vancouver's Downtown Eastside - the historic heart of the city - is also home to Canada's poorest postal code.

The 1,800 children and youth living in the Downtown Eastside face challenges most Canadians don't have to deal with. Drug use, crime and homelessness are prevalent. The median household income is $13,691 compared to $47,299 for the rest of Vancouver. There are 21 per cent of families living on income assistance; 22 per cent are single-parent families; 66 per cent of parents worry about putting dinner on the table.

The high school graduation rate for the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver, including the Downtown Eastside, is lower than the provincial average and the lowest of all Vancouver communities. According to the most recent census data only 41 per cent of young adults (20-34) in Strathcona have a high school diploma.

The community has mobilized to address the issue through the Graduation Strategy made up of key community stakeholders of which the Vancouver Board of Education is a vital partner. The DTES community is taking bold steps to change the future for young people. The Pathways to Education program is delivered through Pacific Community Resources Society with the goal of putting the DTES on the Graduation Nation map.

Catchment Area:

All youth in Grade 8 living in the Downtown Eastside and Strathcona Community with a V6A postal code are eligible to enroll in the Pathways program.

Catchment Area - Vancouver

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