Vision, Mission, and Values


Breaking the cycle of poverty through education.


For youth in low-income communities, Pathways to Education provides the resources and network of support to graduate from high school and build the foundation for a successful future.


Strength and potential are starting points.

Pathways to Education was conceived in the belief that young people and communities have within them tremendous strength, resilience, and potential.  The Pathways Program supports, enables, and amplifies these strengths.

We see this value lived in our day-to-day work when we are nurturing the strengths and potential of each other, valuing others’ experience, and building on success.


Partnerships power us.

We can’t achieve our goals alone.  Partnership is core to everything that we do – from community partners who deliver the Program, to individuals, organizations, and government that fund our work, to volunteers who increase our capacity. The power to make progress lies in leveraging the expertise and resources of others.

We see this value lived when we are seeking and sustaining productive relationships, leveraging what others bring to the table to improve and further our work. 


Excellence is achieved through evidence.

We are a young organization continually learning from others, sharing our lessons-learned, and applying knowledge to our work.  We are deliberate in our pursuit of excellence and employ a continuous cycle of learning, evaluation, and improvement.

We see this value lived when we are pursuing excellence in all we do, seeking knowledge, and applying learning and insights to improve our work and ourselves.


Adaptability is our advantage.

We work with people, communities, and partnerships that are complex and always changing. Our success depends on our ability to anticipate change and adapt in a way that furthers our mission.

We see this value lived when we view change as an opportunity, are attuned, flexible, and adaptive to evolving circumstances, and are adjusting our approaches and leadership styles.


Impact is the end game.

We strive for significant impact – whether that be in the life of one youth, the strength of one community, or the health of our country.

We see this value lived when we have the courage to dream big and not settle for the status quo – connecting the decisions and actions of our day-to-day work to the important impact it will have on others.