[The Whig] Program puts young man on right path

September 14, 2015

For Cody Allan, school was little more than a year of struggling to maintain his grades while trying not to focus on a dysfunctional home life. ... It was just before going into Grade 9 that he saw a Pathways to Education pamphlet that came in the mail. He read about the mentoring and the tutoring that was being offered and it all sounded like a great idea. ... “I noticed an immediate change in my behaviour towards school. I understood I could actually get through it this year. I knew this year wasn’t going to be crappy. I could actually get good grades.” Allan’s marks had started out in the 60s. If he was lucky, he might hit a 70. ... With some financial help from Pathways, he was able to take a one-year carpentry techniques course at St. Lawrence College and now works at Innotech Cabinetry on Justus Drive, behind Hawthorne Kitchens, where he oversees kitchen construction. He started working there during a co-op program in Grade 12.