Pathways often talks about how high school graduates are more likely to volunteer and give back to their community. That’s certainly been the case for me. 

A few months after my family immigrated to Canada, my mom became very sick. Then she became partially paralyzed. As caretakers, my family quickly learned how difficult it was for people living with disabilities to get help with accessibility accommodations. Many businesses even tried to take advantage of her condition. 

That should never happen.  I knew something had to change, and I knew I could be the one to make it happen.  

That’s why my brother and I decided to start a small company installing ramps and accommodations with one word in mind: empathy. It’s a simple way to use my career as an engineer to give back. Pathways had a lot to do with it, because they taught me that changing the world starts right here, in my community. 

Thanks to Pathways, I was encouraged to apply to post-secondary, become an engineer and give back to my community. So, with so many young people like me out there, I keep asking myself: what exciting projects will the next generation take on if they have access to the same supports I had? That’s why I wanted to ask you to consider donating to Pathways on this Giving Tuesday. 

Changing the world begins with each of us making a choice. This Giving Tuesday, can I count on you to join me in giving back? Just like me, you can make a difference for future generations. As an alum of the program, I can tell you that a donation to Pathways is a great place to start. 

— Hader
Pathways alum, 2015


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