To celebrate the end of the year, Pathways students helped us design a holiday greeting for our community of supporters who contributed to the success of the Pathways Program in 2021. Each of the submitted designs and the accompanying descriptions showcase the hope, joy, and resilience of being a student during another year of uncertainty and disrupted learning. As Pathways student, Rubina, says to accompany her submission:

“The world is ever-changing and so we learn to accept what is, but what evolves within us is “Hope.” Hoping for better days and good times. Hoping to find love, peace, and joy. Hoping for answers. Hoping to find ourselves in an unforgiving world. Hope. It’s what keeps us going. Never lose hope. Season’s Greetings to you and yours.”

Thank you for helping to close the gap between students in low-income communities and their education this year. And thank you to the Pathways students who took part in this project— your talent and creativity is inspiring us as we head into the holidays and the new year!


*Click on the images in the gallery below to enlarge each image and read the accompanying description.