Fundraise for Pathways to Education

Raise funds for the Pathways Program by running your own fundraiser! By fundraising for Pathways, you’re ensuring youth in low-income communities are given the support they need to overcome barriers to education. Plus, fundraising is a great opportunity to engage your friends and family about a cause you care about.

Who can fundraise for Pathways?

  • Individuals 
  • Whole schools or individual classes 
  • Companies or teams
  • Sports leagues
  • Anyone!

Here are a few occasions that you can celebrate with a fundraiser: 

  • Your birthday, wedding, graduation, or other personal milestone
  • As part of a team or employee donation drive
  • As a way for family and friends to pay tribute to a loved one
  • Any occasion when you’d like to rally support for Pathways students!

    How do I start a fundraiser? 

    1. Click on the “Start a fundraiser” button.
    2. Add some details about your fundraiser:
      • Your fundraising goal;
      • The end date of your fundraiser;
      • A personal message about why you are fundraising for Pathways—or use the message provided, and
      • Your contact information, including a profile photo.
    3. Click ‘Start Fundraising’ and you’re ready to go!
    4. Share the fundraiser link with friends, family, colleagues, and the rest of your network so they can start donating.
    5. Don’t forget to spread the word on social media too!

    Have more questions? 

    We’re here to help! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

    Phone: 416 646 0123 ex. 230 
    Email: [email protected]